Need an expert internet technician in Perth? Need a new internet connection installed correctly? Is your internet connection or WiFi slow, unreliable and intermittent? Does your internet connection keep dropping out?

We can help in the following ways:


If you need a new internet connection installed, you can rest assured that your connection is done by an expert in the field and is properly done.



If you need a repair, finally you can get rid of internet connection problems! As Perth's internet connection experts, we can help you towards a stable, fast and reliable internet connection. No more waiting for the modem to reconnect, no more waiting for buffering to complete.

With our expertise, knowledge and vast experience in analyzing and repairing internet connections, you can be on your way to a better internet experience quickly.

Your internet connection reliablity and speed will greatly depend on just a handful of factors, all of which we are able to assess and improve.

Factors that affect your internet speed are:

  • If you are on a fixed-line connection, the quality and condition of the wiring in your property.
  • If you are on a wireless connection, the quality and strengh of your signal.

Wired Connection Problems

Wired connection problems are usually faster than WiFi, but when you are experiencing connection problems, it is usually related to incorrect wiring, faults or as we have found wiring that has been installed by an inexperienced technician, electrician or even DIY. 

Telecommunications and internet cabling is best installed and maintained by a trained professional in this field, as a small cabling fault or installation oversight can cause massive connection issues. We have located and repaired many incorreclty installed phone lines, NBN connections, ADSL connections and also Ethernet Data Cabling (LAN cables).

Wireless Connection Problems

Wireless connections can be divided into two parts - WiFi and Mobile (GSM).

WiFi: WiFi is very dependent on good coverage, low interference, and good signal quality. We can assess and improve all of the above using specialised scientific techniques used to determine exactly where WiFi coverage drops off through your property and where WiFi equipment needs to be placed in order to get the best WiFi performance. We can also assess sources of interference, such as interference from other electromagnetic sources in your house, and interference from neighboring WiFi systems.

WiFi is not only about channel selection - a HUGE part of having a good WiFi system is proper selection and placement of your WiFi equipment.

GSM: Mobile connections are usually provided as a backup to fixed line connections by Internet Service Providers. For some rural and semi-rural customers however, mobile connections are the only option. 

We have analyzed and corrected many incorrectly installed mobile internet antennas in the past, and we generally find that installations that are done DIY or done by an inexperienced technician lead to intermittent connections on certain days or under certain conditions. As telecommunications specialists with over 20 years working in the industry, our technicians can find these faults and help you get a stable connection.

Our Vast Expertise Covers All the Following Areas:

  • NBN - Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Home, and HFC
  • ADSL
  • Mobile Connections (GSM, 4G, LTE, 3G)
  • WiFi - We can improve the signal throughout your property.
  • Phone Lines and connecting old phones and outlets to the NBN.
  • Ethernet (LAN Cabling or Data Cabling)
  • Modems
  • Media Converters
  • Internet Protocols (IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP etc.)
  • Switching, Gateways and Routing
  • Network configuration and programming

Benefits of Contacting Franklin Bell for your Internet Connection Installation and/or Repair

Experience - You save time and money by tapping into our vast knowledge base of line problems, common faults and fixes. It took us years to learn what we know about slow internet connections and ADSL line problems. You can have that experience at your beck and call.

Peace of Mind - We’ve invested in fantastic line testing equipment so we can find and repair faults quickly and easily. We’re professionals, well trained, qualified and insured. You get the benefit of all of our investment, qualifications and insurance when we repair your line.

It’s Affordable - Our ADSL testing equipment can test up to 51 different parameters and configuration options on your line, and that leads us straight to the issue, saving you time, frustration and money.

How to Get Help

So how do you fix your line? You don’t - we do. Telecommunications regulations require that all work on telephone lines and equipment be done by registered cablers like Franklin Bell. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll take the problem right out of your hands. We’ve helped loads of other nice people. Why not you?

Franklin Bell - More WWW. Less Worry.

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