NBNNBN connections can sometimes be unreliable, dropping out constantly and not performing well enough to be depended upon. There are many factors that could cause this, and when you've exhausted options with your service provider, it's time to get real help and solid advice from a highly qualified NBN Technician with vast experience in repairing broadband internet connections.

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NBN Electrician

NBN Technician vs NBN Electrician - what's the difference? NBN Technician

The terms NBN Technician and NBN electrician are often used interchangeably, with a subtle difference in terms of the role of the technician. When people say NBN Technician, they usually mean a qualified telecommunications technician employed by NBN Co., Telstra or an internet service provider. When they say NBN electrician, however, they're usually referring to a private contractor, usually a qualified electrician, that has additional qualifications and experience in the installation, repair or modification of NBN cabling, smart wiring, or other home cabling.

NBN electricians are also called ACMA Electricians, ACMA Certified Technicians, or simply ACMA Technicians, and are able to assist with wiring repairs and WiFi improvement.

Internet Technician

When the term Internet Technician is used, people generally refer to someone who is well versed in diagnosing internet connection faults, and repairing them if needed. Internet technicians rely on a large number of skills ranging from computer configuration and setup, network engineering, software troubleshooting, fault isolation and elimination, as well as knowledge about broadband telecommunications.

NBN Cabling

NBN CablingThe NBN uses a number of different technologies, ranging from fibre optic, to hybrid coaxial and DSL. The vast majority of NBN connections in Australia are based on VDSL technology, the successor to the old ADSL. Some areas have HFC (hybrid fibre coaxial) cabling, where NBN Co. have elected to install fibre optic cable to a point in the neighbourhood, and switch to coaxial from there. Fibre optic connections, often called Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fibre-to-the-Premises, or simply just fibre internet, have a fibre optic cable coming into the property, usually with a rectangular white piece of equipment, formally known as an NTD (Network Termination Device), mounted on the wall.

NBN Bridge Tap

We get clients every day of the week calling up after hearing they need to get an NBN electrician to remove a "bridge tap". Many are suspicious of their service provider, thinking it's just another trick in the book used to shift blame and avoid responsibility to fix a bad internet connection. This is not the case at all however. Bridge taps are real, tangible problems that severely affect NBN connection performance, and there are many bridge taps in homes, businesses and other buildings in Australia.

Bridge taps formed part of wiring in the past, and must now be removed in order for NBN connections to work properly. An NBN electrician has access to equipment that can locate bridge taps very quickly and efficiently, and our experience in finding and removing this quite often leaves our clients amazed at how much it improves their connection reliability and speed.

NBN wiring standards are different from old telephone and ADSL wiring standards, and unless you've had an NBN technician test and your internal home cabling, the presence of a bridge tap is almost 100% guaranteed, as they are found everywhere. 

NBN Bridge Tap

NBN Lead In Cable

The NBN Lead In Cable is the cable that runs from the street into the building or home, usually to the NBN equipment mounted on the wall, or to an outlet where a modem is connected. NBN Lead In Cables are often damaged during construction, property maintenance or gardening, which an NBN electrician or NBN technician is then able to repair.

Moving the NBN Modem

Moving the NBN ModemAt installation time, the NBN installation technicians often place the NBN modem or NBN equipment in a location that's convenient to them, but not to the property owner. This is not the end of the world though, even if for some people it may feel like it. The frustration of having the NBN modem in the wrong spot, causing issues with WiFi coverage through the property, and the inconvenience of having equipment in a garage or bedroom, can quite easily be fixed by having the NBN modem or NBN wall outlet relocated to a more suitable spot. NBN wall sockets and modems can be placed in a home office, in a server room, or anywhere else that makes sense. The cost of doing this is quite often far less than people anticipate, and the process far less complicated than expected.

Phone Line Installation

NBN VDSL technology still uses the same copper wiring used by phone lines (landlines) and ADSL. The only difference is that there are now specific requirements for how these lines need to be set up in order for the NBN connection to work properly and reliably. An NBN electrician can install a phone outlet in a convenient location for you to plug your NBN modem into, whilst making sure that the phone line is compliant with NBN standards. NBN connections can be very susceptible to poor installation practice, and the installation of a phone line or phone outlet for NBN use is a specialty area that should be left to an NBN electrician who understands broadband internet connection requirements.

Phone Line Repair

As the NBN uses existing copper cabling and phone lines, it places new demands on the quality of the cabling and connections. When a phone line is old, or a building has more than one phone outlet (even if they're not in use), the NBN connection may be unreliable, dropping in an out, and suffer from slow speeds and buffering on media streaming services. An NBN electrician can repair the phone line used by the NBN, and make it compatible and fully compliant with NBN cabling requirements. Property owners are often reluctant to believe that phone line problems inside their property are to blame for poor internet connection quality, and often are amazed at the difference a phone line repair makes to the reliability of their NBN connection.

Data Point Installation

Data Point InstallationFor offices, businesses, larger homes, or where there are devices that don't support WiFi, the installation of a data point (data outlet), often referred to as a LAN or ethernet connection, is required. Businesses and homes often have existing data cabling infrastructure, and an NBN technician can install additional data points, relocate existing data points, or assist with fault finding and repair of data cabling and outlets. A data point is usually faster and more reliable than WiFi, and having data points throughout the property can help reduce the workload of WiFi access points, freeing up WiFi bandwidth and improving speeds.

NBN Wiring Repairs

NBN Wiring RepairsNBN wiring can get damaged or suffer degradation through corrosion, environmental exposure, rodent damage, construction, property maintenance or accidental breakage.

All NBN wiring, including fibre optic cables and connectors, HFC (coaxial) cables, wall outlets and copper cabling can be repaired by an NBN technician.

NBN technicians have access to specialised equipment used to locate, identify and repair faults quickly and efficiently. When combined with specialist knowledge in telecommunications, and NBN technician can repair NBN wiring very efficiently and affordably, having you back online in no time.

Installation and Repairs to Home Cabling

What's not always quite evident to home owners is that home cabling needs to be upgraded or made compliant to work optimally with the NBN. Unless your home cabling has been checked over and made compliant by an NBN technician after you have been switched over to the NBN, chances are your NBN connection problems are caused by the cabling in your property. Service providers don't always inform their customers of this, leaving property owners, tenants and business frustrated and at wits end trying to figure out why their NBN connection is unstable, keeps dropping out, and is slow. Installation and repairs to home cabling is the single biggest factor overlooked in achieving a stable, high-performance internet connection.

Smart Wiring

Smart WiringLarger and/or newer homes often have smart wiring systems installed, and many of our clients have expressed frustration in trying to get the NBN to work with these systems. Our specialist knowledge comes in handy in diagnosing problems with smart wiring systems, and customers are always surprised at how well the NBN works with their smart wiring system once we've made the necessary alterations and repairs. Smart Wiring systems from different vendors work differently, and our experience with various manufacturer's equipment and methodologies helps us isolate and fix problems fast.

NBN Landline Phone

NBN Landline PhoneOur customers often tell us they've been told that they can't use existing telephone handsets and phone outlets with the NBN. This is quite simply not true. Although there are some requirements in terms of how and where they can be used, almost all old phones, phone outlets, and telephone wiring can be reused. It's simply a case of connecting everything the correct way, and altering existing wiring to suit new NBN standards. With NBN, you can still have a telephone handset away from the modem, mounted on a wall, or in another room. An NBN technician can make the necessary changes to your NBN cabling in order to achieve this.

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