Connect an Existing Phone to the NBNIf you've had the NBN installed at your property and were told that your existing phone cabling cannot be connected to the NBN, don't despair.

We've helped numerous customers connect their existing phones to the NBN.

Service providers generally advise their customers that existing landline cabling and outlets cannot be connected to the NBN, but this is simply not true. All existing telephone wiring can be connected to the NBN. Most telephone systems (PABX systems), fax machines, answering machines, alarm systems, payment terminals and other legacy equipment can also be connected to the NBN.

Almost anything can be connected to the NBN if you know how.

We've used our vast experience and knowledge of telecommunications to help our customers achieve connections they were told are impossible, and we've delighted many residents and businesses with our NBN connection service. 

Don't let your existing infrastructure investment go to waste - we can help you get the best of both worlds by connecting your existing cables, outlets and systems to the NBN.

What can be connected to the NBN?

Our broadband specialists can connect the following items to the NBN:

  • Existing telephone cabling and outlets - connect phone to NBN to continue using existing phone points in the property.
  • Telephone Systems - also known as Private Branch Exchange Systems (PABX or PBX)
  • Fax Machines
  • Lift Phones and other Emergency Phones
  • Alarm Systems
  • EFTPOS and other payment terminals
  • Foxtel and other media devices that require a phone line
  • Emergency and Aged Care Safety Pendant Systems

Foxtel can be Connected to the NBN

If you're using your Foxtel decoder or another type of media streaming device, we can assist you to connect your Foxtel to NBN so you can enjoy on-demand content and other live services.

Monitored Alarm Systems can be Connected to the NBN

There's also no need to upgrade your monitored alarm system to a wireless service and pay an additional monthly wireless connection fee, as we can connect your alarm system to NBN.

Telephone (PBX) Systems can be Connected to the NBN

Many businesses have telephone systems, otherwise known as PBX systems. We've helped our business customers connect phone system to NBN and preserve their infrastructure investment. To connect the PBX to NBN is less complicated than our customers usually anticipate, and we've helped many businesses protect their lifeline by making sure they can still use their PBX whilst enjoying the benefits of an NBN connection.

Emergency and Lift Phones can be Connected to the NBN

Properties fitted with lift phones can be connected to the NBN as well. Connecting lift phones to NBN ensures you can still obtain help in an emergency.

What if I don't know if my equipment can be connected to the NBN?

Even if you're not sure whether your equipment can be connected to the NBN - simply give us a call and we'd be happy to give you some advice.


Why wait - call today to get your existing phones, phone cabling or telephony equipment connected to the NBN.