NBN Cabling PerthWith the rollout of the NBN in progress across Australia, the way we connect and use broadband services is changing. The NBN places new requirements on homes, businesses and buildings in order to continue using all our existing cabling infrastructure and consumer electronics with high-speed broadband technology.

What many people are realising now is that the cabling inside the building needs to change in order to fully utilize all the services provided by the NBN. Unless your cabling is checked over for full compatibility with NBN and any necessary repairs made, you'll experience connection dropouts, slow speed and unreliable internet access.

Phones, faxes, EFTPOS machines and other devices often need to be connected to the NBN modem as opposed to the phone line, which used to be the norm.

Our NBN Cabling Services

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We Can Help You With Your NBN Cabling

Franklin Bell are specialists in broadband communications and we can help you with your NBN cabling requirements. If your NBN connection is unstable or dropping out, we can repair it quickly, efficiently and economically. Like thousands of other clients we have helped, your NBN connection can be stable, reliable and fast.

Whether you'd like to move your NBN box, get old phone sockets working again or rewire your premises for maximum NBN compatibility, you've come to the right place.

Call us today for a free quote or see the information below to learn how the NBN will affect your premises and what you can do to get this fixed.


Devices Affected by the NBN

The NBN requires devices to be connected to the modem as opposed to the phone line directly.

Some of the telecommunications components that may require alteration or re-wiring are:

  1. Existing phone sockets and telephone cabling that will continue to be used
  2. Legacy handsets 
  3. Wireless DECT phones
  4. EFTPOS machines 
  5. Business Phone Systems (PABX systems)
  6. Fax Machines
  7. Emergency phones in lifts and other public places
  8. Foxtel On-Demand Services
  9. Hi-Caps Terminals and other medical dialling services


How the NBN Changed Voice Services

Voice services refer to the services provided by a telecommunications carrier such as Telstra to transmit your voice over their network during a phone conversation.

In the past, voice services were based on a technology called circuit-switching. The NBN uses a technology called packet switching for voice applications. This means that where your telephone conversation used to go across a dedicated connection from your end to the other end, the conversation is now broken into millions of little fragments, called packets. These packets are then sent to the other party individually and the audio stream is re-assembled on the other end in the correct sequence. Each packet has the potential to travel to the other party via a different route across the NBN's network, but the technology ensures they are assembled in the proper order to form a copy of the audio received at the transmitting end.

This new packet-switched technology is called Voice-Over-IP, or VOIP. 

When your connection is upgraded to NBN, in the majority of cases the provisioning of circuit-switched services is discontinued, meaning older devices can't connect direclty to the phone line anymore. 

In stead, the NBN modem usually then provides a phone outlet that delivers the services required by phones, fax machines and other devices in order to work.

This is why your telephone cabling will need to change in order to continue making full use of all your devices.


What Needs To Be Done To My Cabling? 

Most homes and businesses are wired for connection to the old POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) and ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) systems provided by telecommunications carriers such as Telstra and Optus.

In this case, the phone outlets and devices connect directly to the incoming phone line.

Unless the original NBN contractor upgraded your home cabling when you initially signed op for your NBN plan, the cabling needs to be rerouted so that all devices connect to the NBN modem. This requires the installation of new cabling and/or the alteration of existing cabling by means of replacement or extension.


Can I Use My Existing/Old Phones, Fax or EFTPOS with NBN?

I've been told I cannot use my existing phones, phone system, fax or EFTPOS with NBN - is this true?

This is not true. The vast majority of existing telecommunications devices can be used with the NBN, provided your telephone cabling is changed or upgraded to meet the new connection standards.

We have successfully connected all the devices listed above to the NBN.


Can I Move the NBN Modem To Where I Want It?

For the sake of simplifying the installation process and only with certain types of NBN connections, the NBN installers will place your new NBN compatible modem in the garage or another seemingly obscure location. Although this connects your home to the NBN for phone and internet services, it's hardly ideal.

The modem does not have to stay there. It can be relocated to a central location in the building, your office, or wherever you want it. Even if you have NBN fibre connection, the fibre NTD can be relocated to a better spot.


I have been told I have a bridge tap - how do I get it removed?

If your service provider, NBN Co, or Telstra have told you that the reason for your connection problems is due to the presence of a bridge tap, this can quite efficiently and economically be fixed by one of our highly experienced technicians. You'll hear things like "we've checked our end of the connection, and it's good to the boundary, where it enters your house" or "our side of the cabling is all good, the fault is on your side". All these point to the same fault - a bridge tap on the line somewhere. Simply call us and book in a technician for a bridge tap removal.


My NBN box has a red light and I have no internet - what do I do?

If the NBN box mounted on the wall has a red light and you don't have access to the internet, this usually means that the fibre optic cable coming into the building is broken somewhere. This is only applicable to Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) NBN connections. Don't despair though - this can be fixed quickly and economically, and you'll be back online in no time. Simply contact us and book in a fibre optic repair.


My NBN connection keeps disconnecting and dropping out - can this be fixed?

We get this question multiple times every day of the week, and every one of them to date we've been able to repair. If your NBN connection keeps dropping out and is unreliable, this is mainly due to cabling issues inside your premises, and applies mainly to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) and Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) connections. These cabling issues can be diagnosed and found using our test equipment, and then repaired by our registered cablers. We can do this quickly and efficiently to provide you with a cost effective solution to the intermittent disconnection problem. Contact us today to end the frustration and book in your NBN cabling repair.


Do I Have To Change My Telephone Cabling BEFORE the NBN Is Installed?

This is not strictly a requirement in all cases. In certain installations, such as business NBN, this is crucially important in order to prevent business disruption when the NBN installation eventually happens.

In most residential cases it is not a prerequisite. It does, however, greatly reduce the impact of the transition to NBN and ensures a smooth continuation of all your services.


When Can I Get NBN?

NBN Wiring PerthThe Australian NBN Co. are rolling out new NBN broadband connections in many suburbs simultaneously, and have made a page available on their website where you can check when it's your turn.

Check the NBN Rollout Map or How Your Home Setup Affects NBN

Alternatively, contact any major service provider to help you get an NBN plan.


What Does HFC, FTTN, FTTC, FTTP and FTTH Mean?

These are acronyms for the point where the fibre optic connection endpoint will be. The NBN is largely based on fibre optic technology, but due to the cost of replacing old copper cables, the NBN Co. have decided to replace only certain sections.

The acronyms describing the types of NBN wiring are:

HFC - Hybrid Fibre Coaxial. This technology is generally rolled out in areas that used to use a technology called "Cable Internet".

FTTN - Fibre To The Node. You will generally be connected to the NBN via the old copper telephone cable you used to.

FTTC - Fibre To The Curb. The fibre optic cable runs to your property boundary.

FTTP - Fibre To The Premises. The fibre optic cable comes into your property, where you connect to it directly.

FTTH - Fibre To The Home. Same as FTTP but clarified for residential applications.

Fixed Wireless - NBN uses fixed wireless technology in some remote areas in order to provide phone and internet services where an underground NBN cable installation may not be feasible.


Why Is My WiFi So Bad Since The NBN Was Installed?

With the installation of the NBN, your new NBN modem may have been installed in a different location to your old modem, or the WiFi signal provided by the new NBN modem is different from your old modem. This can affect download speeds and connection quality.

This can be rectified by relocating the NBN modem, or by assessing and approving the WiFi coverage throughout the premises. 

The NBN wiring and WiFi coverage have different economical outcomes. NBN ideally wishes internal house wiring to be shorter, whereas WiFi Access Points perform better the closer they are positioned to end-user devices such as laptops, iPads, tables and phones.


Will My Existing Network Cabling Still Work?

In the majority of cases, your existing network cabling will work with the NBN without making any changes. 

If the location of the new NBN modem is not the same as the old modem, some work may be required in order to connect your existing network to the NBN, such as relocation of the NBN equipment, and/or installing new network cabling from your existing network switch to the modem.

We can assist with the installation of all network wiring, including Cat 5, Cat 6, fibre optic etc.


How Can I Get My Premises NBN-Compatible or NBN-Ready?

We can assist with the alterations required to fully make use of the NBN using all your devices, whether they are wireless or connected to a wall outlet.

Our NBN setup service ensures your existing investment in cabling can still be enjoyed.

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