Perth-Second-Phone-LineThere's no fun in running to a phone at the other end of the building each time it rings right? Even with a cordless handset, you'd have to return it way over to its charger!

Whether you need a second phone line for your phone, modem or fax, we know you need a trustworthy, experienced and professional installer. Someone who treats both you and your property with respect.

With our Perth Second Phone Line Installation service, you get these great benefits:

  1. Guaranteed workmanship - if it doesn't work, it's free.
  2. Neat and tidy installation.
  3. Great results - you'll be hooked up in no time.
  4. Fantastic service - something to smile about.
  5. No more tripping over the telephone extension.

We can also help you with the removal of bridge taps and central splitters on your NBN line. Just what you were looking for, right? No more trying to figure out what goes where or trying to make sense of complicated wiring. Just sit back and relax while we install your second line and fix NBN issues professionally.

Our technicians are efficient, well-presented, clean and experienced. And what's more, we'll give you great advice - for free!

So don't delay, call today (from your first phone line that is!) to book your Perth Second Phone Line installation at a time that's convenient.

What's the catch you ask? We only serve the lovely people of Perth, Western Australia.

If you're from elsewhere, you'll be missing out, we're afraid.


Our Perth Second Phone Line Service is a service offered to residential customers. If you are a business or need other types of cabling, enquire about our Structured Cabling and Data Cabling Services. (Keywords: Perth Second Phone Line Installation).