Deadline-ClockOccupational Health and Safety Legislation requires ALL employers to ensure that portable electrical equipment is safe to use by employees. Failure to comply with this legislation can land business owners, managers and other responsible persons in a substantial amount of legal trouble and the possibility of being pursued through a court of law by relevant authorities.

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What is Testing and Tagging?

Testing and Tagging is an operation performed on portable electrical equipment, to ensure that these items can be used safely and without risk of electric shock. By having all your electrical items tagged, you can be sure they've been proven at the test date to be fully compliant, electrically safe and free from the risk of electrocution.

Unless an item has been tested and tagged, there's no way of knowing that it's safe to use - EVEN WHEN NEW.

Which Items Need To Be Tagged?

Any item that uses electricity and connects to the building power by means of plugging a cord into a socket needs to be tagged. This includes:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Power Tools
  • Extension Cords
  • Laptop Power Supplies
  • and ANY other device that uses electricity from a power outlet.

Any item that is portable, lightweight or has a handle for carrying is deemed to be included in the regulations and must be tested and fitted with a tag.

Why is Testing and Tagging Necessary?

Testing and Tagging, also known as Portable Appliance Testing or Appliance Tagging is necessary to ensure that electrical equipment is safe to use. Even brand new items are sometimes faulty, and it's common knowledge that the safety of using electrical appliances deteriorates with age and use. As covers, switches, cords and plugs get worn out, they become less reliable and pose an electrocution risk to people using them. 

In a work environment, neglecting to ensure your appliances are tested and tagged exposes the company and it's management to the possibility of heavy fines and/or other forms of government prosecution. 

How is Testing and Tagging Done?

Testing is done by using calibrated test equipment to determine whether the operational parameters of an appliance fall within a certain range. The appliance under test is connected to the test equipment and a series of tests are conducted on the appliance. These tests and the limits of acceptable results are dictated by government in Occupational Health and Safety law and related standards and guides. Once the test is complete, your results are saved on our equipment and later downloaded onto our computer systems. You get a copy of this information that you should keep in a safe place as proof of your  compliance with the law.

If the item passes all the applicable tests (some tests don't apply to all items), we apply an adhesive label to the cord of the item that indicates to people that it is safe to use.

Who May Perform Test and Tag Services?

Testing and Tagging of Electrical Appliances may only be performed by a suitable qualified individual, as directed by law. Unqualified persons MAY NOT perform testing and tagging and/or determine whether items are safe for use. It is important to note that not all Test and Tag Service Providers are qualified electricians. If an item fails the test, these operators have to refer repair to qualified electricians.

What Happens if I have an Electrical Item that is Not Compliant or Safe?

By law, unsafe items must either be:

  • Repaired, made compliant, re-tested and tagged accordingly.
  • Tagged as being unsafe and removed from service immediately.

Items that fail the test may under no circumstances be used, the tag removed and/or tampered with. 

Can Non-Compliant Items be Repaired and Re-Tagged?

Most items that fail the compliance tests can be repaired sucessfully, but only by a qualified electrician. Repairing failed items is a great way to save on replacement costs and service downtime.

How Can I Be Sure My Company is Legal?

It is important to comply with Test and Tag legislation without delay, since the penalties are harsh and the authorities are not at all forgiving for negligence or non compliance.

Your company is only legal if all your electrical equipment has a tag on the cord that has not expired and that approves the item as safe to use.

To ensure you become legal quickly, easily and affordably, simply complete the form to the right and we'll contact you for a quote.




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