Fed up with your RCD tripping repeatedly?

Call us today to get it fixed. We understand the reasons for RCD nuisance tripping, which may include:

If your RCD is tripping is not due to a faulty appliance, only a qualified electrician can identify and eliminate the problem. Using our specialized test equipment we are able to trace the fault that causes the unwanted tripping and repair it. Contact Us today for professional advice and quality service. Franklin Bell are perth electricians that understand the real nuisance of nuisance tripping.


Why do RCD's Suffer Nuisance Tripping?

RCD's suffer from nuisance tripping problems because they're much more sensitive in sensing small faults and imbalances in electrical systems than other circuit breakers and fuses. They're designed to be so sensitive so they can effectively protect people and property from the risks posed by electricity.

What Causes Nuisance Tripping

Cause: Faulty Appliances

You've probably heard it before, but it is so important that it bears repeating: The most likely cause of RCD tripping problems is one or more faulty appliances. The following appliances typically cause an RCD to trip repeatedly:

  1. Fridges and Freezers (Defrost Cycle)
  2. Washing Machines
  3. Dishwashers
  4. Steam Irons and Steam Mops
  5. Kettles and Jugs
  6. Swimming Pool Pumps and Lights
  7. Appliances with Heating Elements
  8. Computers and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
  9. Electronic Equipment with Switch Mode Power Supplies

What to Do: Unplug all appliances from their socket oulets. Don't just switch them off, unplug them. Then, one by one, plug them back in and switch them on. The faulty appliance should trip the RCD as soon as you plug it back in. Remember to include the pool and spa (if any) in this test. Even brand new equipment can be faulty, so be sure to test them too.

Cause: Moisture Ingress

Moisture ingress in electrical systems can cause small leakage currents to flow. This could be in the form of contained water (such as in a kettle), rainwater or other leaks.

What to Do: If you've tested all your appliances as described above and couldn't locate the fault, carefully inspect all exterior socket outlets and lights for signs of moisture. If you find a wet socket outlet or light fitting, DO NOT MEDDLE WITH IT. Contact Us to repair it and make it safe.

Cause: Burden Current Accumulation

Most appliances and electrical equipment have a small amount of leakage current present. This is normal and not unsafe. If there are too many of these currents present, it may be the reason an RCD trips.

What to Do: Check if your RCD trips only when several items of electrical eqiupment are turned on. If this is the case, we can make small modifications to your electrical wiring to ensure the RCD does not trip during normal use.

Cause: Electrical System Faults

Electrical systems have a property known as insulation resistance that need to be above certain limits. When insulation resistance is low, it can cause an RCD to trip. The insulation in older wiring systems may be brittle or broken down and cause low insulation resistance and RCD tripping problems. In addition to this, other electrical components can cause an RCD to trip. Reasons include:

  • Surge Suppressors (Surge and Lightning Arrestors)
  • Motors and Motor Starters
  • Network Operator Load Switching
  • Supply Transients
  • Neutral to Earth Faults
  • Swapped Neutrals
  • Capacitance
  • Faulty RCD
  • HID Lighting and Large Scale Fluorescent Installations

What to Do: These faults can only be identified an repaired by a qualified electrician. Contact Us today for a professional solution to your RCD tripping problem.

Last but Not Least

Combination RCD's (RCD's with in-built overload protection) can trip when a circuit is overloaded. Although nuisance tripping due to this is somewhat less common, it is still possible.

What to Do: Contact Us to determine whether an overload is the cause. We're professional Perth Electrical Contractors ready to help make your electrical installation stable again.